The Buckingham Palace

When you thinking about London the first thing that you have in mind is The Big Ben, The Tower Bridge, A London Eye and of course The Buckingham Palace. This Palace was built in 1703, as urban residence for the Buckingham price, Johna Sheffield. In 1761 the King of United Kingdom, George III, took possesion of the Palace, that has been transformed into his privet residance.

The Palace is locate in the center of London, thats why it’s extremely easy for you to get there by very well developed public transport. Each day, crowds of tourists gather around before the Palace to admire vastness and beauty of this building. But not every one have the change to explore interior of the Palace. We have had this oportunity when we were in London. It’s posible Orly twice a year, at the turn of July and August or in September, when the British Queen goes on Holiday. The entery to the Palace cost 20 pounds. To explore the knowledge about this beautiful place, every tourist receives a small device with headphones with a choise of guide language. It’s very useful because every one can explore on your own cadence, and if some one want hi can listen to recording again. In the Palace is six hundred Chambers, including mineteon representative, more then seventy bathrooms and almost two hundred bedrooms. As visitors, we were able to admired the representative part of the palace starting from the grand lobby with magnificent chandelier.

There is no way to describe all theses things what we could seen there, starting from Queen gifts received from monarchs from all over the world, to the antique musical instruments keeping in a specially room, ending with a exclusive collection of works of art. It’s worth to mentioning that we have had a huge pleasure to see the unique collection of creations of Queen Elizabeth. Each of the dresses and costiumes has own history. Some of this dresses were tasteful, modest and very official other were long and richly decorated. However, the most valuable of the collection was a Queen Elizabeth wedding dress. This dress was designer by British designer Norman Hartnell. In accordance with the Royal family tradition on the dress was floral embroidery representing the four Nation of the UK. The dress was ivory white colour with satin, decorated with about ten thousand white pearls imported from America and hand-sewn silver thread.

When visiting the Palace came to the end, we can tell about ours experience drinking British tea, in the Royal garden. But, what would be a tour without souvenirs? And here also met us a big suprise, because in the further part of the garden, in a special place, has stood a big tent with souvenirs. However, exorbitant proces these memorabilia take breth away.

And the bigest surprise at the end. At the exit, it turned out that the ticket that we bouth is valid by one year. So who knows, meybe it the next year we will visit again the largest Royal family Palace in the world.