The National Gallery

The National Gallery in an art museum in London. It houses a collection of over 3,200 paintings dating from mid 13-th century to 19th.

The gallery is located next to Trafalgar Square. The building was designed by William Wilikins in 1838. Since that the building was extended 4 times.

In the National Gallery you can discover paintings by Valazquez, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembland, Vincent Van Gogh, Tycjan, Sandro Botticelli, Jan Van Eyck, Cloude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cezanne Caravaggio and a lot more.

The British Museum is one of the biggest museums in the word. It is dedicated to human history, art and culture. The museum is located on Great Russell Street in London.

The British Museum is based on collection of Hans Sloane- doctor and scientist.

The Museum was opened to public in 1759. Because of the growing collection building was rebuilt few times. Inside the British Museum there is the largest covered space in Europe. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II and is called the Great Court (with the Reading room inside).

The British Museum one of the word's largest and most important museums of antique history and culture. It has almost 4 million exhibits opened to public.

The most famous are sculptures from Athenian Pantagon, Egyptian mummies and Rosetta Stone.There had been no understanding of the Ancient Egyptian language and script, before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.

The most impressive (and crowded) is hall of Ancient Egypt where visitors can see real mummies or torsos of Egyptian masters. Really memorable and interesting is also Greek and Roman exhibition, Chinese, Japanese and African hall.