30th of July 2016 a group of teachers from our school had an opportunity to see Stonehenge - the most famous prehistorical, mysterious structure in England, situated on the south of the country, 13 km from a town Salisbury in the county of Wiltshire.

It is a group of huge, standing in circles stones surrounded by earthern banks. Some of these rocky blocks are about 7 metres high and may weigh even 50 tonnes. The structure was developing gradually over thousand years from about 3000 BC.

The destiny of stone circles is still a mystery for archaeologists and other specialists. According to one of the theory, it was a Bronze Age burial ground, according to another - a temple or a kind of a sun diary. It's certain that Stonehenge's builders had to have extensive mathematical and astronomical knowledge. In 1986 the object was inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nowadays Stonehenge and its past are a mystery.