To find out something about the history, culture and tradition of Great Britain we went to Bath, a city in the county of Somerset 159 km west of London. Bath is located in the valley of the river Avon and is numbered among the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom.

It was founded by the Romans as a thermal spa. In the 18th century Bath became famous and was the centre of style, etiquette and fashion. In 1987 the city was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. At present Bath is the centre of tourism, culture and university life.

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Bath. We went sightseeing in the city with pleasure. We saw the most important sights:

The Roman Bath - a famous bath built by the Romans around some hot springs. It has been restored recently and is one of the main tourist attractions of Bath.

The Royal Crescent and the Royal Circus - these outstanding architectural sights were built in the 18th century. The first one in the shape of a crescent is a row of terraced houses. There are also a museum and a hotel. The Royal Circus is formed by townhouses arranged in a circular shape.

Jane Austin Centre - the popular museum chronicling the life and the work of the famous English writer, who had lived in Bath for 5 years. The action of her two novels takes place in Bath and she mentions the name of the city in all her novels.

Bath Abbey - was founded in the 7th century, the building was rebuilt in the 12th and 14th centuries. The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Paul is an Anglican church. It was the largest church of the abbey.

Pulteney Bridge - the famous bridge composed of three spans was designed and built in the 18th century as a copy of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. It is one of four bridges in the world which has shops and restaurants across its full span on both sides.