The Oxford debat as a method of teaching

One of the methodes of teaching, which was applied during the English course in Regent school was the Oxford debate.

Oxford debate, also known as the University, is a kind of discussion, which insulting or ma king fun of opposition speakers are definitely unacceptable. The most important person in debate is Chairperson, who is responsible for watch over the deliberation order, giving right to speech the people in the audiencje and also a summary of the whole debate. A Timekeeper is a person who help a Chairperson and also waches over time and order of statements.

The subject of our debate was art. Parties have to deside whether something is art or morality and esthetics limit has been exceeded.With our grupe was chosen a Chairperson and Timekeeper. Then we have chosen three persons who were proposition the thesis, and three prsosns who were opposition this thesis.The rest of as were the audience, which they could asced a questions in the right moment, The audience had also took parts in the final vote to announce the verdict.

When roles have been dealt, by one les sons we were prepared to our debate. During this time we could ask a questions, chose the strategy and prepared aruments. The Chairperson begun the debate starting from explaining the rules, determine the time limits for both sides and also the audiencje, which signals the timekeeper wiil be use, what we can and what we definitly can’t do. Then right to speek received each of the both side, starting from the side defending the thesis. After heating the arguments of both parties, it’s time for tough questions from the audience. The next step was a summary of all instances of both parties. And the most importance – audience vote. When the vote come to the end and the audience decided which party have right, the Chairperson announced the result of vote and summed the whole meeting.

However, the purpose of this debate wasn’t determine which side have right or whether the thesis is true. The main purpose was breaking the language barier, as well as use the English language in practice, working skills like expressing their own opinions and ideas in a foreign language and work on speaking out in public. One metod but so many things we can learn with it.