„Answer the questions, discover yourself, plan and change for the better… a coulpe of words about coaching...”

We look for the meaning in everything we do. Setting the goals, and then determining the way which should be followed to discover and experience makes an individual reflective. In an educational process there is always time and place to gain knowledge from others and develop skills thanks to which we learn about the world and people and discover ourselves. Everyone, no matter how old they are, taking care in our own development and well-being should find in themselves advantages making them strong and active. It is good to be among people walking together to support self-esteem, attitudes and discovering ourselves. This, such a responsible, role belongs to parents, legal guardians and teachers too. However, not every day there are favourable conditions to do so. It is worth then taking into consideration the need for change and asking oneself questions, sometimes a lot of questions, attempting to find a way to motivate students to learn and develop themselves, and also strenghten the teacher’s authority and the image of the school.
Learning in small groups in the language school in London was the example of good practices, where every day the teacher works with several students, not more than 10. Time and conditions that are organized by both teachers and students become an opportunity to form a relalation favourable for making an effort of learning. The appropriate choice of forms and methods made our learning good fun, which soon and impreceptibly turned it into pleasent intelectual entertainment. Without a doubt, quick ice breaking of shyness, getting to know each other, discovering our interests and needs was possible thanks to asking each other questions and listening to really interesting answers. The responses let us know who the learners were, who we really were. Our relationships became closer. It is the asset of a small group where everyone has time for the others. The teacher has time for the student, not only in the classroom but also outside. Once a week, every student had a chance to speak individually with the teacher (coach) who asked about strengths and weeknesses of the learning process. Searching for the answers made us closer to find ways to consolidate the new content and skills, and as far as our lacks, it got us motivated to study more. It could not be otherwise because I promised that to my teacher, my master. Having a small talk, where we discussed everyday issues, books we read, films and programmes we watched was a part of relationship that is so often missing in our busy school life.
I wish Polish public schools, teachers and students conditions where everyone will have an opportunity to be satisfied with developing relationships in the educational process and forming friendly open-minded attitudes.