Tutorial instruction: project-based

The most applied method In Scotland Regent School was Tutorial instruction: project-based. During our education we had three projects.
  1. 1. Creation of own restaurant
    Step I – Visit of Edenbrough different thematic restaurant
    Step II – Diagnosis of citizens and tourists needs – preparation of information and holding a interview
    Step III – Pork In pairs – preparation of business plan, find of name and location of place of restaurant, arrangement of place, menu, prices, expenses connected to foundation and calculation of future earnings,
    Step IV – Presentation In front of the group.
  2. 2. Subcultures:
    Step I – Work in pair,
    Step II – Division of work,
    Step III – Common research,
    Step IV – Presentation In front of the group.
  3. 3. Student as a Guide in Georgian House Museum
    Step I – Visit of Museum, Individual researches and interview of museum agents
    Step II – Work in groups, choice of place of the presentation
    Step III – researches and selection of information,
    Step IV – Tour guide.
  4. 4. Making TV News at SKY TV
    Step – Selection of theme
    Step II – Division of work: producer, cameramen, editor, tv presenter, journalists itc.
    Step III- work in pairs,
    Step IV – presentation in TV News.