Forms and methods of work in Regent School in London.

Generally applied type of work during the classes in Regent School in London was a three-step process of realization practical tasks connected with a reading comprehension activity.
Step 1- individual work
Step 2 - group work (in pairs or small groups of 3-4)
Step 3 - institutional/corporate work
Step 1. All students from the group received the same task for individual realization, connected for example with grammar, new words or a text. A few minutes was enough to do the task.
Step 2. Trainees in pairs or small groups compared their ways of realization, discussed the correctness, corrected each other’s mistakes.
Step 3. The correctness of task's realization was checked at public forum. The teacher pointed a person who read the first part of the task, then students, under his control, agreed on the good answer together, alternatively the teacher was explaining the doubts. A person who gave a good answer nominated another one who read the further part of the task.